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Destoy Terrain Parks
Park Design
The Destoy crew has been designing parks for more than 10 years. We are now using and helping to create the most innovating  tools in the industry.
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Destoy Terrain Parks Rails and Boxes
Rails & boxes
We do not have “stock” rails. Instead we build every single element to order specific for the customer. This gives the customer the option of custom color and branding along with the freedom of altering any aspect of the element.
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Destoy Terrain Parks Snow Shaping
Snow Shaping
Caleb Hamilton is head cat operator. He has experience starting in the east coast 11 years ago, then operating in New Zealand and on to the west coast as a summer park builder for Timberline for the past 6 years.
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Destoy Terrain Parks 3D Mapping
3D Park Mapping
Destoy offers several ways to assist with your park design and layout. With the use of the Raven GPS system, a product we helped design specifically for the snow industry, we can create 3D parks to scale overlay-ed on Google Earth. Allowing us to provide a detailed plan specific for your trails. This data also allows us to offer you a editable park system that can be used for day to day park design and layout. Letting you experiment with your ides before you waste any time or money on the hill.