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Park Design

DESTOY uses 40 + years of combined experience, a passion for riding and the available terrain, to design a fun, safe, efficient park. Along with our ability to create complete 3D / Scale images to help develop trails that flow and create elements that are maintainable. We have all the tools to keep your parks progressive.

We use GPS mapping and way points to gather all the data we need to fully design you trails in Sketchup. A 3D software program widely used in the industry. What makes our design process unique is that the end result is to scale. This allows us to help predict the flow of the park as well as how maintainable the park will be. For example, will your snow cat fit in between  park elements, light poles, trees, or snow making equipment? We are able to plot all of these obstacles in the process. Along with getting a total acreage reading we will be able to make accurate decisions about how many elements your park can have without being to tight. Maximizing the usage of your space.

Destoy's prices for park design are determined for each account. We are always available to provide a free quote quickly and efficiently.

3D Park Design
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